At Leaf Point, we believe that building secure, high-performing networks that deliver the best results for our clients starts with the right culture. To this end, we take a highly-engineered approach to crafting solutions by applying industry best practices, proprietary methodologies and rigorous standards to build networks of the highest quality.  This relentless pursuit of high standards drives powerful efficiencies that enable Leaf Point to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering more value for less.    

Since 2013, Leaf Point has been providing a comprehensive portfolio of network services and solutions to a broad range of clients in a diversity of markets, including major hospitals, K-12 school districts, universities, municipal governments, and a variety of SMB to enterprise businesses.

Our network management services include:

  • Network Planning & Design
  • Network Deployment & Integration
  • Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Network Optimization 
  • Network Security

Our strength lies in our commitment to exceptional customer service, solution design, delivery, performance and support. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and assure our clients that the service they receive comes from years of experience and insight.


We strive to understand your needs, to be responsive to your concerns, and set expectations properly. Our clients choose us time and again because they have learned to expect excellent service and outstanding results.
— Dan Massameno, President & Chief Engineer