Mobility Management 

With the growing number of device models and platforms available, a Mobility Management solution must address the costs, security risks, and management challenges associated with mobile adoption that traditional IT tools cannot address, while also delivering the choice and flexibility that users demand and need.  Leaf Point's solution helps minimize this complexity by offering a simplified, secure and affordable way to integrate mobility into your network and provides a suite of tools to manage devices, applications and content.  These tools allow you to perform the following functions: 

  • Configuration: Configure devices and applications for organizational use.  

  • Auditing and TrackingTrack compliance, maintain device inventory, and track usage of services and applications.  

  • Data Protection: Encrypt data, control data flow and remotely revoke access to applications and information 

  • Support: Troubleshoot mobile device problems through analytics and remote diagnostics. 

Mobile technology can enable higher engagement with customers, enhance overall productivity and unlock new business opportunities. Let Leaf Point help you realize the full potential of mobility, by providing you with an effective platform for managing your mobile communications network.