Leaf Point’s security professionals are experienced in the design, selection and implementation of multiple security technologies and can provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to conduct thorough security and risk evaluations of your network environment. Our proven testing and assessment methodology is a comprehensive, multi-phase process by which we assess the security exposure of your network. The process has many facets and addresses the logical, physical, technical and non-technical components of your network architecture.     

Our security advisory and assessment services include:  

External & Internal Vulnerability Assessments: Identifies and examines network vulnerabilities for external, Internet facing systems, as well as internal, Intranet systems to determine whether they can be exploited by an attacker to compromise targeted systems or used to gain access to sensitive information.  

Network Architecture & Configuration Reviews: A network architecture and configuration review will evaluate the function, placement, and gaps of existing security controls to ensure they align with the organization's security goals and objectives. It also reviews network configurations to provide more in-depth, detailed information on the specifics for each network device.  

Firewall Security Reviews: A Firewall is a critical component of any network that connects to the Internet.  Too rigid and your staff can't access what they need. Too liberal and the organization may be susceptible to compromise. Firewall security reviews are important because they identify vulnerabilities that cannot normally be detected through network penetration tests and assessments.  

Wireless Security Reviews: Wireless assessment services evaluate the security of your organization's wireless implementations and provide recommendations for improvement.   

VPN Security Reviews: The VPN review compares your current configuration against recommended best practices and identifies any areas of concern. The assessment includes remote and onsite configuration reviews, as well as an architecture review.  

Mobile Infrastructure Reviews: Mobile infrastructure reviews evaluate “bring your own device” policies and mobile security controls. The goal of this assessment is to identify potential vulnerabilities in your organization’s security posture as it relates to mobile technology.  

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