Dynamic Grid Service (DGS) is an innovative, managed WAN service that delivers optimal performance and results for your organization, while providing comprehensive network management support. Leaf Point takes a needs-based approach when designing a DGS solution for each site within your organization. We consider how critical connectivity is to the operations and users of each location, and match the DGS solution design to the specific needs of each site. This allows us to cost-optimize connectivity into each location where DGS is deployed.  

Dynamic Grid Service Highlights: 

  • Complete design, implementation and project management services 
  • Includes Expert Grid Service (EGS) for proactive 24 x 7 real-time network monitoring and event notification  
  • Fault isolation and restoration  
  • Change management  
  • Performance reporting 
  • WAN optimization 
  • Single point of coordination and management
  • Industry leading service level agreements (SLAs) are available depending on the specific DGS solution deployed.    

Discover how Dynamic Grid Service can help your organization.